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Use simple economics to contain health costs

Spending on U.S. health care is out of control, expanding steadily from 5% of gross domestic product in 1960 to 18% in 2018. There...

Health care answers slow in coming

Since many employers pay for health care for their workers, the ever-increasing costs of that fringe benefit are putting the squeeze on and have...

Health care savings model still worth exploring

Important new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Sept. 4 showed a promising experiment aimed at reducing health care...
WALMART IS EXPERIMENTING with a number of ways to bring down its health care costs, including setting up accountable care organizations at many of its employment centers, where the retailer buys care directly from providers. / BLOOMBERG NEWS FILE PHOTO/LUKE SHARRETT

Amazon isn’t only retail giant trying to remake health care

NEW YORK – Inc. says it wants to remake health care for its workers. But its biggest rival is beating it to the...

Integra Community Care reports $8.3 million saved with accountable care approach

PROVIDENCE — The Integra Community Care Network reported an $8.3 million savings in 2016 under the Medicare Shared Savings Program with a simultaneous 95...
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