Wright-Pierce sets success on foundation of healthy workers

Healthiest Employees: 150-499 Employees | #6. Wright-Pierce
CEO (or equivalent): John W. Braccio, CEO and president
Number of employees: 200

Wright-Pierce leadership knows a strong structure is imperative. The engineering firm is built around the idea that employees are central to the business and deserve a strong commitment to their well-being.

Called the Wright Way to Wellness, the 4-year-old program seeks to educate, foster self-esteem and promote physical well-being.

Last year, the program reached a new participation level. An on-site screening program saw 65 percent of employees taking part. Eight percent were found to have hypertension risk factors; 18 percent of team members were at risk for weight-related conditions, prompting more creation of programming on blood pressure, nutrition and exercise.

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Compared with industry benchmarks, WWTW produces higher-than-average engagement: the average wellness Lunch & Learn has a 15 percent to 20 percent participation rate, for example – Wright-Pierce’s was 41 percent.

Community giveback, shown to release dopamine, helps with stress, mood and self-esteem, according to Wright-Pierce.

A healthy thought:
‘To raise health awareness even further … on-site health screenings are performed annually.’
Connie Taggart, Vice president of human resources, Wright-Pierce